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Clive Standen
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 22 July 1981
Birthplace: County Down, Northern Ireland, UK
Height: 188
Clive Standen TV Filmography
Vikings: Athelstan's Journal 
Viking culture is seen from a first-hand experience through Athelstan's perspective. Athelstan reflects his inner thoughts on the ways of the Northmen including all their customs, values, and morals.
Released: 2015
This new, modern-day, edge-of-your-seat thriller follows the origin story of younger, hungrier, former Green Beret Bryan Mills as he deals with a personal tragedy that shakes his world. As he fights to overcome the incident and exact revenge, Mills is pulled into a career as a deadly CIA operative, a job that awakens his very particular, and...
Released: 2017
Waking the Dead
Det. Supt. Peter Boyd (played by Trevor Eve) is the leader of a multi-discipline police team of detectives and scientists, the Cold Case Squad, which investigates old, unsolved murder cases using modern methods and new technology that may not have been available during the original investigation.
Released: 2000
The adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok: the greatest hero of his age. The series tells the saga of Ragnar's band of Viking brothers and his family as he rises to become King of the Viking tribes.
Released: 2013
Far from home, Jason washes up on the shores of the ancient and mysterious city of Atlantis.
Released: 2013
Doctor Who
The further adventures of the time traveling alien adventurer and his companions.
Released: 2005
Robin Hood
Returning from five years of fighting in the crusades, Robin of Locksley and his manservant Much discover their beloved home under the rule of the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham. To fight the tyranny, Robin becomes the leader of a band of outlaws with Will Scarlett, Allan A Dale, Royston White, Little John, and Djaq.
Released: 2006
King Uther dies suddenly. Britain is facing chaos. The sorcerer Merlin appoints the not so known son and heir Arthur as the king who was raised as a commoner, but his half sister has other plans. Arthur faces tough times and will be tested beyond imagination.
Released: 2011
No description
Released: 2000
Doctor Who Confidential
No description
Released: 2005
Click Online 
Click is the BBC technology series that brings you the latest and greatest technology news stories throughout the week on BBC One, the BBC News Channel and BBC World News. The show began as Click Online, and was hosted by Stephen Cole for it's 295 shows.
Released: 2000