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Siobhan Hewlett
Profession: Actress, Producer
Birthdate: 15 April 1983
Birthplace: London, England, UK
Height: 178
Siobhan Hewlett TV Filmography
Midsomer Murders
Police detectives are called to investigate the murder of a beautiful South American model. She is found with a necktie wrapped around her throat and a suspect's watch at the crime scene.
Released: 1997
Paul Slippery (Hugh Laurie), a forty-something doctor, lives with his wife Estelle and three sex-obsessed sons Rory, Daniel and Edwin in the west London suburb of Putney. On top of coping with family pressures and a mid-life crisis, Paul discovers his unusual ability to hear other peoples' inner thoughts.
Released: 2003
The Syndicate
5 poor workers in a supermarket in Leeds whose lives turn upside down after they jointly win the lottery.
Released: 2012
Pete Versus Life
Pete, a journalist, is an average bloke, but what sets him apart is that his life is observed, analysed and commented on by two sports commentators.
Released: 2010
A modern update finds the famous sleuth and his doctor partner solving crime in 21st century London.
Released: 2010
No description
Released: 2000
We do not have any description for this movie yet.
Released: 2009
Hotel Babylon
Hotel Babylon: No description
Released: 2006
Parade's End
Story is set against the backdrop of WWI and follows Christopher Tietjens, a top civil servant from a background of wealth and privilege, whose marriage flounders almost as soon as it begins. He falls in love with another woman, but he remains honorable for some considerable time to Sylvia who has several affairs.
Released: 2012
Henry VIII: Mind of a Tyrant
A four-part Channel 4 documentary series that opens up the mind of Britain's tyrant monarch and see what makes him tick starts in tremendous style.
Released: 2009
Four school children work for MI9, and fight against a criminal agency called skul.
Released: 2007
Captain Jack Harkness, the former Time Agent and con man from the 51st century last seen traveling with the Doctor, ventures to early 21st century Cardiff. There, he becomes a member of Torchwood Institute, a renegade criminal investigation group founded by Queen Victoria to battle hostile extraterrestrial and supernatural threats.
Released: 2006
New Tricks
After a hostage rescue goes wrong, superintendent Sandra Pullman is put in charge of unsolved crimes. With little resources and no back-up she decides to recruit three ex policeman.
Released: 2003
The Virgin Queen
The Virgin Queen explores the full sweep of Elizabeth's life: from her days of fear as a potential victim of her sister's terror; through her great love affair with Robert Dudley; into her years of triumph over the Armada; and finally her old age and her last, enigmatic relationship with her young protégé, the Earl of Essex.
Released: 2005